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About Us

Saving Lives, Educating Children, Providing Adequate Healthcare

Millions of children suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessities such as adequate healthcare, education and food available to them. Help us make a positive change in the lives of children!

Children’s Health International (CHI) is a registered non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to saving lives, educating children and their families, and providing adequate healthcare to children with infectious and communicable diseases. Since 1998, Children’s Health has provided thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies to rural hospitals in Ghana, sponsored the early childhood education of hundreds of children and helped ensure under resourced children receive at least two good meals a day.

Stop and ponder for a moment...

- Most of us are fortunate enough to eat three solid meals per day.  We may even have a choice of what we want to eat but we know that we will not starve. 
- Many of our children go to school decked out in new clothes, the latest sneakers and the coolest new school supplies and book bags.  - Many of our children have more toys than they could ever play with.
- And the majority of us do not have to worry about getting a basic education or having a roof over our heads.
It all seems so simple,,, BUT unfortunately too many children do not have access to basic needs such as food, adequate clothing, school supplies and the things that position them for life and allow them to enjoy childhood. 

CHI is committed to making a lifelong impact in the lives of children! CHI works towards our goal of ensuring every child is cared for, one child at a time.   This is best evidenced by our sponsorship of the children at the Anum preschool. In the Anum village, a child wakes up facing difficult life circumstances in a very under resourced area. This is a school with no library, much less the craft supplies or play equipment which allow them to be creative and express themselves as children. The play area is little more than dirt and gravel now that the rusted equipment has been removed because it was unsafe. The need was evident and for this reason, Children’s Health International stepped in to make a difference. CHI began first by providing meals to children who were otherwise attempting to learn on empty stomachs..  We are now working towards  establishing a library and building a safe playground.